Over the past ten years, Jaylene Crawley worked as a personal tailor for various clients.  Jaylene’s fashion styles include Avant Grader, risqué, and classical.  In 2007, her unique styles were featured in a state college fashion show.


Born in Harrisburg, PA, Jaylene always knew she wanted to be a fashion designer.  Through the encouragement and inspiration of an elementary teacher, Jaylene received her first sewing machine and fabric.  This gift propelled Jaylene to become a self-taught sketch artist, designer, and tailor.  As an innovative designer, she considered perfecting her skills and attended Indiana University of PA, where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Fashion Merchandising with a minor in Small Business Management.


Jaylene’s fashion design is an expression of her artistic, strong, inventive, and risqué style that encompasses her outgoing personality.  As an artist, Jaylene enjoys exploring different textiles, developing and creating her own patterns, and reinventing the ordinary. As a woman, she emanates kindness, commitment, and determination.  As a single mother, she exudes strength.


Jaylene’s passion for fashion has taught her that creativity begins with God, and He is “the superlative” designer.  She believes in the importance of utilizing her gift from God while giving back to others, empowering women, and community involvement.  One of her lifelong dream is to participate on the show Project Runway, and help and aspire other potential designers realize their